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Become the
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Use Get in Gear to drive change
in your organization.

Get in Gear

Most organizations suck at achieving the results they expect from the strategies. It’s rarely because of bad strategy. But, you can be different. Our Strategy-Execution-Results process can help you achieve the results you expect.


NAMED The Maritime Edit's

Business Book of the Year 2020!

Get in Gear

The 7 Gears

That Drive Strategy to Results

Why do some companies perform better than others? Why do some thrive in fast-changing, competitive environments, while others stumble and fall behind? 


Why do so many organizations (even ones with good, hard-working, talented people) under-perform, or outright fail? 


Sometimes the gap is caused by bad strategy: a bad acquisition or a failed product launch. Far more often, the failure is due to poor execution of good plans. 


“The prize for closing the strategy performance gap is huge: increasing performance by at least 50% for most organizations.” - Harvard Business Review

Learn how to:

Create Strategy

then drive that strategy to the results you want

Elevate Your Vision

by seeing the big picture

Develop Details

that bring a vision to life

The 7 Gears


Welcome to the home for our GearHeads. Congratulations on joining our community of people driving strategy to results for themselves and for their organizations.

Connect with other GearHeads in our GearTalk Forum and browse through tools and resources in the Get the Tools Section to help you on your journey.

For a more hand-on approach and to learn how to use your tools, visit Get the Gears for a direct link to our team and resources.

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Browse our tool box of resources to help you on your GearHead journey.  Find infographics, guides, assessments and other tools to help you get start
seeing results.

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Get help getting it in gear - link through to buy Sean's latest book, Get in Gear, book our
team for virtual training or speaking and browse our training programs and other learning tools.

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Get engaged and join one of our forums with thoughts, ideas and advice.  Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask a new question and Get in Gear.





Gearheads & Geardocs

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources New Brunswick Board of Directors engaged Whitewater International Consulting in the summer of 2022 to take us through a successful strategic planning exercise. The facilitated experience closely resembled the eLearning Get In Gear program that I had completed months earlier.  Sean’s approach to business planning not only involves the steps to create a solid strategic plan, but he also incorporates additional steps in his program not offered by other providers on how to successfully achieve those results via follow through behaviours the learner can employ. Sean’s program doesn’t just teach you what to do, but also teaches you how to operationalize your strategic plan from conception to completion throughout your business year. The concepts he teaches are straightforward and the delivery is impactful in its simplicity. If you are looking for flexible on-demand learning for all levels of your organization on strategic planning, I would highly recommend the Get In Gear program.
Sarah Jackson
Member, CPHRNB Governance Committee 

Image by Aaron Burden

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