“As an owner of a growing internet marketing company, I fully understand the importance of making important decisions quickly. I hired Sean Ryan as a consultant with the expectation that he would assist me in working through tough decisions, which would enable me to map out the future of my business. I needed Sean to help me overcome barriers that affect many small businesses and to focus on the hurdles specific to technology-based companies. Sean went well above and beyond my expectations.”

“Sean has an uncanny way to look at the big picture, break down what seems to be enormously complex situation, and help you map out a thorough plan.”


“Sean has helped me understand the best ways to attain funding, manage a growing technology-based business, work with partners, resellers, my legal team, how to best outsource administrative tasks, and how to create a plan that maps out my business over the next 3, 5, and 10 years. He has helped me develop cost/benefit breakdowns for overhead that most small business owners understand can put a huge strain on your operation.


In a nutshell, I feel as if I hired a Fortune 1000 CEO, who is personally working with me to help grow my business. Sean tends to anticipate things are hard to see when you are working 70 hour weeks managing your growing business. Then he helps you break it down and structure a plan that works.


Before hiring Sean, I knew that there was a stigma with business consultants, but I can tell you that Sean shatters that notion. I can honestly tell you that my business would not be where it is now without Sean’s guidance.”


-Glenn GabeG-Squared Interactive LLC


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