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Recognizing that Intellectual Curiosity is a fundamental performance driver that distinguishes high potential leaders from high performing leaders who can be successful in a wide variety of businesses, this program provides a development process for growing the intellectual curiosity of leaders and potential leaders.

Participants will develop the skills and practices of intellectually curious leaders. The basis of this program is for leaders to apply the skills to everyday work, in order to increase personal and organizational possibilities/performance.
By the end of this program, participants will understand:
• What Intellectual Curiosity is and how exercising it enhances our potential, performance, and culture.
• The organizational and team costs of consistently accepting the Status Quo.
• The connection between Intellectual Curiosity, learning and personal growth.
• The Five Dimensions of Curiosity.
• The ability to employ a “Beginner’s Mind” to promote possibilities.
• Your own existing tendencies, challenges, and strengths assessing your Intellectual Curiosity. (Individual Report Data)
• The 8 Habits of Curiosity.
• How to begin developing skills that promote Intellectual Curiosity.
• How to apply Intellectual Curiosity skills in the workplace.

Participants will be able to:
• Create a habit of asking the questions that get to possibility over jumping to solutions.
• Ask the questions that get to broader opportunities.
• Resist the need to have the right solution/being right rather than generating multiple ideas that get to best performance.
• Identify existing opportunities/projects to challenge assumptions and generate curious inquiry toward greater results.
• Encourage intellectual curiosity within teams and return that skill practice into the Nucor culture.
• Recognize and celebrate intellectual curiosity as part of our day-to-day work.

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