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Take the 60-Day S-E-T Goals Challenge


Most of us are horrible at setting goals. We often have many things we want to accomplish…

  • At work, it might be improve sales, improve quality, drive down costs, improve the bench-strength and capabilities of the organization, earn more money, get promoted.

  • At home, it might be lose weight, prepare for retirement, save for a new house or condo or that really great vacation to Tuscany or Tahiti.

Yet…incredibly few people set goals that enable them to accomplish those things.

A 1979 Harvard study of their MBA students suggested that only 16% of us set goals. Only 3% created plans to achieve those goals.

Other studies have suggested a larger percentage of people may set goals, but a much smaller percentage work on them for even two weeks before dropping them. That clearly explains why new gym memberships explode the first week of January, but most people stop working out by early February!

Even when people say they have goals, they are more likely to be:

  • Too broad or ambiguous to be effective – e.g., “Lose weight,” “Save money,” or “Sell more.” We call t