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Leaders Practice Performance-Driven, Values-Based Leadership™


True leaders are responsible for both WHAT (Performance-driven) gets done and HOW (Values-based) those results are accomplished.  They create value for the organization, its owners and its employees AND they do it in a way that engages people and inspires them to perform their best.  HOW results are achieved becomes as important as WHAT results are achieved.

  • Is there a set of consistently applied values that guide peoples’ actions?

  • Are results achieved with, or at the expense, of others?

  • Does the organization succeed in the short-run only to put its long-term viability at risk?

  • Are people engaged and committed or are they run over or de-valued?

  • Is everyone shown respect?

Does everyone behave with honesty and integrity?

  • Do differing opinions count or are they disregarded?

  • Do people feel valued and do they have the opportunity to contribute their best?