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Leaders Practice Performance-Driven, Values-Based Leadership™


True leaders are responsible for both WHAT (Performance-driven) gets done and HOW (Values-based) those results are accomplished.  They create value for the organization, its owners and its employees AND they do it in a way that engages people and inspires them to perform their best.  HOW results are achieved becomes as important as WHAT results are achieved.

  • Is there a set of consistently applied values that guide peoples’ actions?

  • Are results achieved with, or at the expense, of others?

  • Does the organization succeed in the short-run only to put its long-term viability at risk?

  • Are people engaged and committed or are they run over or de-valued?

  • Is everyone shown respect?

Does everyone behave with honesty and integrity?

  • Do differing opinions count or are they disregarded?

  • Do people feel valued and do they have the opportunity to contribute their best?

Intrigued by what you’re reading? Download our white paper on converting strategy into execution and learn more about us by visiting our website. WhiteWater International Consulting, Inc. helps organizations understand the challenges they face and helps enterprises achieve and sustain outstanding performance through unleashing the passion and capabilities of its people. Because an organization is only as good at the people who power it.

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