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(as seen in our April 2021 newsletter)


many organizations this past year as they navigate their way through tumultuous change – whether it be transforming into a remote workforce virtually overnight, dealing with their responsibilities as employers in an age of incredible social change, or divining how to perpetuate a corporate culture that speaks to who they want to be today.

We understand the tremendous challenges leaders face today on so many fronts, including how to engage their people in a highly disrupted workplace to deliver the very best they can every day.

Our core leadership program, Just Lead, Dammit! is one way we help leaders generate results in a highly competitive, quickly changing environment. We teach them how to dramatically improve their effectiveness by engaging their organization and their teams.

We were working with a large U.S. manufacturing client on bolstering the effectiveness of their corporate strategy and uncovered some leadership gaps. That led us to delivering Just Lead, Dammit! to 80 leaders across the company – virtually, of course.

Top executives were so impressed with the results, they engaged us to deliver the program to a group of supervisors in the company. Rather than just relying on virtual delivery, we’re retooling to make it a hybrid – delivering the training live by video feed but with our facilitators in the room to guide discussions, lead practise sessions and deliver feedback.

In addition, we’re building a library of all the reference materials and developing short videos as refreshers for participants to refer to.

We’re doing all this because our clients aren’t standing still, so why should we? We’re in the whitewater of change with you.

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