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Help leaders generate results in a highly competitive, quickly changing environment by engaging their organization and their team members in the effort.
Help leaders dramatically improve their effectiveness by examining their Thinking (underlying assumptions, beliefs and perceptions) that drive their decisions and actions and lead to the Outcomes they generate. Thinking — Action — Outcomes


Participants Will Be Able To:


  • Identify the results they and their teams are responsible for.

  • Identify the gaps between current levels of performance and what’s required for success.

  • Engage their team/organizations in the effort to close the gaps and driver for higher levels of performance.

  • Examine their own Thinking (aka Mental Models) and expose themselves to alternate ways of thinking to unleash their capabilities to grow as leaders.

  • Utilize SXR™ principles to move beyond Performance Management and truly lead individuals and teams to higher levels of execution and performance.

  • Coach for greater performance by being able to diagnose individual and team performance and flex their leadership efforts to the needs of the performer(s).

  • Lead individual and group change.

  • Delegate for growth, development and to leverage the capabilities of everyone within their teams/organizations; engage the team.


Just Lead™ is a highly customizable learning program conducted in a highly interactive learning environment.


  • Performance-Driven, Values-Based Leadership (PDVBL)

  • Leader as Architect

  • Leader as Environmentalist: Engaging Everyone in the Journey

  • Leader as Performance Manager

  • Leader as Coach: Coaching for Results

  • Leader as Communicator: Building a Culture of Communications

  • Leader as Change Agent

  • Leader as Team Developer

  • Leader as Manager of Time, Brainspace and Focus: Top-down, Bottom-up Time Management

  • Leader as Delegator: Delegating For Engagement and Growth


Business Unit/Division Leaders, Department Managers, Supervisors and Leads

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