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Intact work teams and project teams that want to maximize the effectiveness of their team efforts.


Enable participants to lead their teams more effectively by fostering teamwork and cooperation among work group members.


Participants Will Understand:

  • One size doesn’t fit all – not all teams are the same

    • How groups develop and how to recognize where their team is along the development curve

    • Key elements of effective teamwork

  • How personality differences affect team dynamics

They Will Be Able To:

  • Identify what type of team – from bowling team to basketball team – they are on

  • Assess where their team is on each of the Elements of Effective Teamwork and identify appropriate actions to close gaps

  • Improve team effectiveness by:

    • Defining a clear purpose with their teams

    • Building and instituting group norms

    • Ensuring the other elements of effective teamwork are in place

  • Effectively introduce new team members to the team

  • Lead a series of critical discussions with their teams that help the teams develop to their highest potential

  • Utilize feedback from a personality assessment to identify their own characteristics and preferences and how they and others can impact overall team dynamics


A highly interactive session, or series of sessions, in which participants will learn and apply a framework for developing a highly effective team.


  • Effective and Ineffective Teams: What drives the difference?

  • The Key Elements of Effective Teamwork

  • Stages of Team Development

  • From Bowling to Basketball: What kinda team are we anyway?

  • Critical Team Tasks

  • Defining the Team Mission and Purpose

  • Defining What Kind of Team We Are

  • Establishing Team Norms

  • Establishing Team Goals and Scorecards

  • Defining the Team Performance Drivers

  • Defining Team Roles

  • Holding Effective Team Discussions

  • Dealing with Conflict

  • Team Follow-up/Follow-through Process

  • Identifying the cycle time for Follow-up

  • Team Process Checks

  • Creating Individual and collective accountability

  • Maintaining Team Effectiveness

  • Adding and Losing Team Members

Note:  The complete Achieving Team Excellence process contains a wide variety of options for customizing to each group.  The elements of the process will be altered to fit the needs of the specific situation.

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