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About SXR™

Did you know 70-80% of organizations fail at translating strategy into effective execution? Only 8% of leaders are very effective at both strategy and execution.

Our Strategy-to-Execution Framework can help. Start by taking the 4-question mini-assessment below. Check all that apply:

Did you confidently check off ALL of the boxes?
If not, we can help. Download our FREE SXR Framework on connecting Strategy>Execution>Results. (SXR™) and start improving your execution today!

About WhiteWater

About WhiteWater

Our team of senior strategists pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true consulting skills. Led by executive coach, speaker, trainer and consultant Sean Ryan, WhiteWater International Consulting specializes in change management, leadership development and succession planning.

lead. learn. change. thrive!™ with the team at WhiteWater International Consulting.

Our Services

WhiteWater can identify your challenges and opportunities and create a fully customized program to unleash your talent potential.

Our Programs

While every feature of the business landscape churns and races like Class 5 rapids, there are immutable guideposts that will help you to navigate the pitfalls, seen and unseen, as your organization moves forward into the future.

That’s why in addition to our custom programs, we also offer these “off-the-shelf” services as a way to provide your organizational with the fundamental leadership capabilities that can help any business unleash the full potential of the available workforce.