Just Deal


    • Develop the participants’ negotiation skills so that they can negotiate effectively with customers, suppliers and internal team members.



    • Understand the Key Elements of Principled Negotiations (Interests, Options, Alternatives, Fair Standards and Process, Communications).
    • Understand the difference between fixed pie and expandable pie negotiations and will be able to plan and execute different strategies depending upon the situation.
    • Plan an effective negotiating strategy.
    • Develop and assess multiple options for satisfying their interests in a negotiation.
    • Identify and assess both their own Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement BATNA) and that other parties to the negotiation.
    • Establish and utilize fair standards that help ensure equitable outcomes during a negotiation.
    • Utilize the Just Deal Negotiations Planner to aid in effective negotiations planning.
    • Execute a concessions strategy and other tactics that result in optimal outcomes during the negotiation.

Learning Process

    • A highly interactive session in which participants will learn and apply the Key Elements of Principled Negotiations during a series of practice negotiations.
    • The focus is on developing the participants’ negotiation skills through multiple experiential practice negotiations while applying the key negotiations concepts learned in the program.

Target Audience

    • Anyone who negotiates with customers, outside suppliers or internal team members.
    • Anyone who feels like they “never negotiate anything”.