Building Customer Loyalty


    • Build the capabilities of frontline performers and their leaders to deliver superior value for customers that builds loyalty and generates superior returns for the organization.



    • Organizations must move beyond mere satisfaction: they must Build Customer Loyalty through the delivery of superior customer experiences and overall value.
    • How they create value for customers today is different than in the past…and must constantly evolve.
    • The fundamental value equation and how it applies to their organization.
    • Perception is Reality: It’s critical to understand the organization from the customers’ point-of-view.
    • How an organization does business with its customers is often a more critical differentiator than the products or services it sells.
    • Organizations create loyal customers by Mastering the Basics and taking advantage of opportunities to WOW the customer.
    • Mistakes sometimes create the best opportunities to build customer loyalty.
    • Delivering the ultimate value to customers requires aligning the internal value chain.


    • Ask better questions that allow them to see the world from their customers’ point-of-view.
    • Master the Basics that provide the foundation for the creating value for customers.
    • Recognize, and act upon, the opportunities to WOW the customer and create loyalty for life.
    • Act quickly and effectively to recover with customers when things go wrong.
    • Identify and act upon the root causes of failures in the value delivery process to improve the customer experience.
    • Work across the internal value chain to improve the customers’ experience to build loyalty and improve results.

Learning Process

    • Building Customer Loyalty is a highly interactive experience utilizing a variety of teaching tools including pre-readings, case studies, group discussions and skill practices to develop the capabilities for both leaders and frontline performers to create value for customers and build customer loyalty.


      • Beyond Satisfaction: Building Customer Loyalty is Critical.
      • Perception Matters: Seeing the World through the Eyes of the Customer.
      • Mastering the Basics of Customer Experience.
      • Creating WOW! Experiences.
      • The Art and Science of Recovery.
      • Internal Service: Master the value chain to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Target Audience

    • Mid-level managers to Frontline performers engaged in delivery of customer experiences that create value, loyalty and profitability.