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Principlesofmultimediabyranjanparekhpdffreedownload [Latest] 2022


Download: Many aspects of computer-based learning are explored, with different theoretical and practical issues being covered, in the ‘Principles of Multimedia’ course, at the Centre for Intelligent Systems, Imperial College, London. The course aims to be a ‘hands-on’ type of course, with the aim of integrating the knowledge and skills gained into actual work situations. The choice of media used to teach the course is as diverse as those possible. A medium which is often considered to be a poor medium for teaching is used to introduce the course and which is also used to teach the course itself. It is a multimedia course, which has been designed to look at a range of topics and techniques for teaching. Here, the intended audience is students (or prospective students) of the course itself and it is intended to be used to teach the skills of creating and teaching multimedia courses. Although the course is offered at Imperial College, it could be taken anywhere else where similar teaching equipment and facilities are available. Different types of teaching are discussed, such as: group teaching, individual teaching, peer teaching, peer support, self-directed learning, learning with an interest group. The course has been designed to be self-directed, where the students are given a textbook, examples, exercises, answers and guidance as to what is expected. A DVD has been made, which can be used to view the tutorial in a variety of ways. It is in this way that the students are supported. The video is made up of ‘episodes’, which are also labelled with subheadings, providing some structure to the course. These episodes cover a range of topics and issues, with many exercises being included. The video can be viewed in a variety of ways, such as in a regular, static fashion, but the student can also manipulate the video using facilities available on most DVD players and computers. Different ways of presenting the materials and how to tackle problems, are also covered in detail. For example, a course exists which is based upon spoken word and graphic sheets. This course consists of an introductory course covering the material in spoken form, followed by a follow-up course using a mix of graphic sheets and audio and video tapes. In a different approach, a problem-based learning (PBL) course has been developed, which allows the student to choose topics to study on a problem-by-problem basis. This provides the student with an immediate environment in



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Principlesofmultimediabyranjanparekhpdffreedownload [Latest] 2022

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