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Courageous Communications, Part 5: Do you relish healthy conflict?


Conflict is all around us. People have different perspectives on how to solve a problem, or even what the problem is. They have different perspectives on goals and objectives and the best way to accomplish them. Leaders and their teams have different perspectives on performance and how well people are supported in their efforts to perform well. Few people see eye-to-eye with their managers or peers all the time. Creating an environment for healthy conflict is critical to creating organizations where everyone can perform their best.

How leaders resolve conflicts is one of the key indicators of their overall effectiveness as leaders. Organizations that relish healthy conflict and deal with it in positive ways tend to outperform those that shun conflict or believe that conflict and disagreement are bad.

Conflict is imperative within any organization for growth, and can be managed in healthy and helpful ways.

In Part 2 of this series we outlined the cast of an organization in which the outward appearance was that everything was okay, maybe even great. The organization was performing well. Yet, as we uncovered the challenges the division leaders had in dealing with conflict, it was clear that they were leaving far more opportunities on the table. They had the ability to perform so much better if only they were more skilled at dealing with the underlying conflict.

Healthy Conflict in your Organization: How healthy is it?

So, I’ll pose these questions. I’d love your thoughts and feedback:

How effectively are you managing conflict in your organization?

How willing are people to hold the Courageous Communications that are necessary?

Is everyone in your organization having the conversations they need to be having with others?

For that matter, are you holding the conversations you need to hold with others in your organization?

What forces enable your organization to deal with the healthy conflict?

What forces are blocking courageous communications from happening?

Do people have the skills and abilities to handle those emotionally charged situations in which they feel their careers may be put at risk?

Do you have mechanisms in place to ensure that if there is an issue with communications, people have an outlet to by-pass the blockage?

I will much look forward to your thoughts and comments as we “dialogue about dialogue!”

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