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Enable Senior Leaders to build competitive, highly adaptable organizations that thrive in a world of perpetual whitewater.


Participants Will Understand:

  • The context and implications of leading in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment.

  • The meta-trends impacting your organization.

  • How customers perceive value and translate that into creating competitive advantage through a superior value proposition.

  • The Journey to Excellence Principles and how they apply to their organizations.

  • The key issues in influencing individual and organizational change.

Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Identify the results they and their teams are responsible for.

  • Identify the gaps between current levels of performance and what’s required for success.

  • Engage their team/organizations in the effort to close the gaps and driver for higher levels of performance.

  • Examine their own Thinking (aka Mental Models) and expose themselves to alternate ways of thinking to unleash their capabilities to grow as leaders.

  • Utilize SXR™ principles to move beyond Performance Management and truly lead individuals and teams to higher levels of execution and performance.

  • Coach for greater performance by being able to diagnose individual and team performance and flex their leadership efforts to the needs of the performer(s).

  • Lead individual and group change.

  • Delegate for growth, development and to leverage the capabilities of everyone within their teams/organizations; engage the team.


Just Lead™ for Senior Leaders is a highly customizable learning program conducted in a highly interactive learning environment. We use a wide variety of case studies, pre-readings, on-line learning, simulations and group discussion to challenge the participants’ underlying “thinking” to enable them to build strong, adaptable organizations that thrive in a tumultuous environment.


  • Leading in a World of Perpetual Whitewater

  • Journey to Excellence

  • Co-creating Strategy

  • Leading Change at the Enterprise level


C-Suite to mid-level leaders who are deeply engaged in creating strategy and building highly competitive, adaptable organizations.

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