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Every organization operates in a world of perpetual whitewater.  How you win in the marketplace and with your customers can change literally overnight. Markets, customers, competitors and geopolitical issues amongst other factors can disrupt even the highest performing organizations in what seems like an instant.

Our Co-Creating Strategy process is designed to help you navigate the whitewater…and thrive, rather than capsize or merely survive. Rather than define your strategy for you — like most other strategy consulting firms — we work with you, your leaders and other key team members to help you define your competitive strategy — how you win in your markets and with your customers.

Our process helps your organization challenge the existing Thinking (mental models, assumptions, beliefs and perceptions) that limits opportunities and growth.

I wish we would have engaged in this strategy process earlier.  We would have been a far better and stronger company for it.

~CEO, after his leadership team engaged in the

WhiteWater co-creating strategy process

The Power of the WhiteWater Co-Creating Strategy™ Process


WhiteWater will help you define your competitive advantage: the unique value you provide that is different from your competition. We will also help you identify what you won’t do so that you can maximize focus and energy. In addition, we work with your team to outline your Strategic Goals, Metrics and the Critical Initiatives you’ll undertake to drive your strategy forward. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect:

  • Unique, sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Challenge your thinking to to enable you achieve your greatest successes.

  • Speeding strategy to execution results.

As Sean Ryan (founder, WWICI) said, "We can't predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it!".

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