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Enable the organization to create strategy that provides a framework for competing in a highly changeable environment.


Leaders Will:
Understand and challenge the organizational mental models that limit growth and prevent rapid adaptation to changing competitive environments.


Effectively define and execute strategy to enable growth.

Conduct a Scenario Analysis of their organization to enable effective responses in dynamic environments.

Build a shared understanding of the organization’s strategy framework:
What are the meta-trends impacting the organization?
What business are we in?
What are the principal factors on which companies in our industry compete?
From our customers’ perspective, how do we rate/rank relative to our key competitors on those dimensions?

What must we do to generate superior value for our current and potential customers to create and sustain competitive advantage.

Establish a common vision for the future state — if we perform as well as we can, what will the company look like in 1-2 or 3-5 years, as appropriate?
Identify highest priority markets, customers and products that will enable the organization’s growth and optimum performance.

Develop shared understanding of any specific business segments, markets, customers or products the organization should consider exiting because it can’t earn an appropriate return.

• Establish Performance Targets.

• Translate the strategy to specific initiatives, projects and actions to achieve your objectives.

• Develop an organizational scorecard and Metrics that reflect the strategy.

• Outline the Capital requirements necessary to execute the strategy.

• Assess the capabilities and bench-strength of the organization necessary to effectively execute the strategy.


Co-Creating Strategy is a highly interactive workshop in which participants will work through the process of building strategy for their organization.

It is an Inclusive process that may include a diagonal slice of the organization, including key outside stakeholders. Co-Creating Strategy is different from other traditional strategy processes that utilize outside consultants to actually develop the strategy. Through Co-Creating Strategy, the participants will work through the strategy creation process for their organization.


  • Providing a joint learning experience for the participants that allows them to challenge their individual and collective Thinking (mental models) regarding the competitive framework facing the organization.


  • Helping the participants develop a shared understanding of the meta-trends impacting their organization which allows them to adapt to changing circumstances faster than their competitors.


  • Speeding effective execution because they own the strategy versus merely trying to execute the strategy developed by others.


  • The Co-Creating Strategy process also includes extensive prep work to ensure the most effective strategy creation possible.


  • Customer choice as a framework for solving organization challenges

  • Scenario Analysis.

  • Building and Executing Strategy processes that create competitive advantage and prepare the organization to thrive in an uncertain future.


C-Suite to mid-level leaders who are deeply engaged in creating strategy and building highly competitive, adaptable organizations.

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